Digital Fertilization: Using Facebook & Instagram Videos to Build your Business

Living in a digital era, we get information and we spread information at the click of a button. Gone are the days when you had to walk several miles just to get people to know your products and what you do. Well, you could still do that, but would really spend all that time, effort and resources walking around when you can get a bigger audience and narrow your viewers down at the comfort of your own home?

Who would go through all the trouble?

You wouldn’t, now would you? I know I wouldn’t. Technology is supposed to make things easier for us and we should take advantage of that. If it were really that easy though, everybody else would be doing it.

The thing about this business boost though is that everybody is drawn to it. And they should. Building your brand and gaining more views and reviews at a wider range in a short period of time is definitely better than traditional marketing strategies of the past – door to door selling, etc. Because of this, competition is higher and thus the need for creating dynamic, interactive and creative content is a must

There are, of course ways you could do that and that’s why we’re here, so you don’t have to go through all the trial and error blindly. Though Facebook and Instagram are pretty easy to master, there are ways you can best enhance your videos to generate more leads and convert these potential clients into paying customers.

Videos on Social Media Platforms

All you need to make film is your smartphone, a camera or desktop. But when it comes to making the content, editing these videos and posting them on the different social media sites, you’re going to need a whole lot of time to strategize and finalize your plans.  

When it comes to social media sites, you have to adhere to the certain guidelines set by each. For Instagram, videos are only set to have a max of 60 minutes per post thus you have to keep it short and simple. A good technique used by some is creating a catch intro and adding a link to the full video in the description.

This allows viewers to get a grasp of what they are getting from your video while adding interaction and anticipation for your viewers. It’s just like teaching a magic trick to a kid. You may show off the trick at first and then entice them to go to another page to master the secret behind the trick or watch more complicated and amazing tricks in another page.

As for Facebook, though you may post lengthier videos, those who come across your videos can easily scroll down and ignore it completely. One cool way to keep people on your Facebook post is to build mystery. Adding in a “see more… “link in the middle of your description is a great way to do just that.

Let’s Talk Video Making

If you’ve started building up your brand, you should know by now that you’re viewers will not be contented with one post alone. This is why it would be best to set out a posting schedule so that you end up with organized content and reasonable posts.

If you are making informational videos, you can make use of a “batching scheme”. Done when you’ve already plotted out your video posts for a month’s or even two or three months, it is created with full scripts and props so you can shoot all videos within a day or two so that you can do editing and scheduled posting with less hassle.

This frees up your time to strategize your post while saving you the trouble of setting up your studio and keeping equipment again and again if you’d made your videos at different times or days. There are many online templates that can help you do just that.

In doing so, it’s would be best to note that changing the background and changing your outfit are essential in every video so it doesn’t seem as if you’ve batched out your videos.

Getting the Help you need

Now, it might come out as an overwhelming task especially when you talk about movie production and digital film making. Such is not the case for those who have been doing so for years. And that is what the Digital Film Bureau has been mastering.

So if you need that fresh start with your videos, you could turn to DFB for the help that you need. A top film production company in the UK, they have been creating documentary films for channels such as BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

With a full team of professional movie makers, DFB ensures that all your corporate videos, ads and promotional videos are done with utmost care, accuracy and professionalism.