Growing and Nurturing your Online Community with Video Views

When we think of expanding our Social Media Influence the first thing that comes to mind is reaching out to the public. Although by nature this might seem like a reasonable move, sharing what you want with the general public isn’t a good idea.


Let’s put it this way. If you were selling a phone, a rather complicated one at that, it wouldn’t make sense to market it to children as young as 7 years old or younger, nor would it make sense to sell it to a college that prohibits phone usage on campus. You would rather market your phone to individuals who could actually use your product, understand your platforms and your purpose for selling such and who can give you well-needed feedback and share your ideas to family, friends and colleagues.

Marketing Your Brand

Now, I know you must be wondering:

How do you even build an Online Community if you don’t share it to the public?

Looking at it, it might seem like a smart move to share your content with the public to gather a community but such is not the case. If you are familiar with the way networking companies such as USANA and Kaiser, you must’ve have come across the term “friend of a friend”.

If you go around treading in unfamiliar waters in search of a fish you are not entirely sure would be there, you of course, may end up spending more time and effort than you would if you had only stuck to ponds or waters where you are certain to get the said fish.

This being said, your familiar ponds would be your offline community. Friends, family, workmates and even classmates would be the best way to go for building your online community. And as you slowly get the hang of it and your building your brand bit by bit, you can expand your community further by establishing connections with other communities that share your cause and philosophies. From there on out all you need to do is focus on your content and your Online Community works on sharing your work with others, thereby expanding your online family.

To do so, it is best that you keep your content informational, eye-catching, and most importantly engaging. And what better way to do that than with Videos?

Why Videos?

Though we all know that Digital Filmmaking takes time, effort and money, there is no denying the massive effect it has on a product/company’s influence on people. Studies have revealed that 79% of consumers would rather watch a video than read a pamphlet/text and 84% are more likely to purchase a product that they’ve seen endorsed on film.

From this alone, we can say, it is definitely and indispensable tool in one’s marketing arsenal. Numbers do not lie.

Getting the Views

This might sound great, but you must note, that your work does matter. Despite the love and support your community has for you and your products or beliefs, there is no denying that people don’t like sharing things they wouldn’t want to be attached to.

Some of the key notes to remember when creating your videos would be to: (1) to keep personal connection. people don’t like talking to marketers and they surely wouldn’t want to talk to machines either. The ability to understand another’s emotions is the answer to establishing meaningful relationships. It always has been and always will. The sooner you are able to master this, the better your videos would be; (2) make it engaging. If you don’t have many interesting things to film, you could always use animation or intonation to keep your audience engaged. Though, it is always a given to keep your intonation fun and exciting so your viewers would feel good about your videos. (3) End with a good wrap up. No matter how good and engaging your video is, it is an inescapable reality that people will forget what you have said. It might not be all but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to wrap up what you just shared at the end of the video. This refreshes their thoughts and if by chance, they find it interesting and would like to go back to recall as much as possible the wrap up will encourage them to do a double take on your video.

Having these components may not ensure success in all your videos but they definitely improve your content and increase views. Also, creating engaging content takes time. If you wish to get great tips and videos there are also experts with whom you can approach for help and tips.

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