7 Things You Need to Know About Using Videos in Your Marketing Funnel


Undeniably interesting when done right, Videos do not only engage your viewers but they also entice them to subscribe, share your insight/products and most importantly become paying members of your online community.

Of course, as I’ve mentioned earlier, if you do it correctly you will definitely gather interested buyers and loyal consumers. With this being said, no matter how interesting your videos are, you can’t just throw them out there and leave everything up to fate.

For every marketing strategy you make, you should always make it so it is as organized as possible and thus many people who wish to market their items at a larger scale stick to the basic marketing funnel.

The basics of all the basic, a marketing funnel is a technique employed to filter out your viewers through marketing strategies. In this process there are four primary stages: awareness, consideration, decision and retention.

As you may have already read in our previous discussion, we’ve already tackled what types of videos fit best with each stage and so we will just do a quick review on all.

Marketing Funnel Stages

In the stage of Awareness, you and your audience are still starting to know each other. Well you do know that you have an answer to a problem that your viewers might have but they do not know it yet. As the marketer, it is your task to make your solution known. Presented in quite a general manner this may be enticing for potential buyers but they aren’t exactly sure if it is what they need. This is where the consideration stage comes in. As your audience mulls over whether it’s worth their time or not, videos that break down your answers to those who really need it are there to reassure them of their choices.

Simply put, we put identify specific issues that can be handled by your solutions in videos presented for individuals who are putting your thoughts, products or principles in to consideration.  As soon as they have cited an interest you turn leads into buyers with the power of conversion videos. Just because they’ve already bought though doesn’t mean that your journey is done. Keeping your customers engaged is key to nurturing your online community. Always show your buyers you appreciate them and that you’re not afraid to put yourself out there. This being said, there are some things you might not have considered when making videos for your marketing funnel. We’ve identified 7. Get your pen and mark out those you might have missed.

Appeal to Emotions

You must have heard of this a lot. Emotions are the key factor in getting your viewers hooked to your videos. After all, people might forget what you have done but they would never forget how you made them feel. If you are fond of watching soft drink ads you would notice most videos made make you feel either a rush of energy or cool, calm and collected while life insurance ads warm up the heart and make you feel sad or at loss which in turn makes you think as to what would happen if you were in their shoes.

To See is To Believe

Testimonial videos no matter how annoying or redundant some may seem, always make you feel you want to get the catch. Why? Simple. People believe in things that they can see with their own eyes. Naturally, humans love proof, substantial evidence. If a company were to sell a slimming product, they wouldn’t expect as much sales from a video were someone merely talks about how it has changed their lives as opposed to a video were they show the progress of the individual on the slimming product.

Company Videos

Though these are quite repetitive, such is the nature of such videos. Corporate Video Production dictates that you stick to branding yourselves, your products and the company. You can’t do so with ever changing styles, logos and the like.

Having a number of company videos in your arsenal makes it easy to filter out videos and fill in gaps between different types of videos. They can be shown once a week or once every two weeks because of their content so you don’t really need to worry about posting and reposting such videos.

Using How-to-Videos

In this digital era many individuals are starting to embrace the Do it yourself mentality. With costs soaring and Google and YouTube providing information at the tips of your fingers, it comes as no surprise that people would take this route.

Choosing how-to-videos relevant to your vision and products would also entice people to subscribe with you. An example of such would be a clothing brand. Great video ideas for such would include: “How to dress up for the summer –winter or spring” , “How to tie a Tie”, “How to Mix and Match your Wardrobe” and etc.


Blogs are always great. The thing about them though is that reading takes time. And let’s face it, people don’t really have much of that. Inserting a few videos in your blog can make it more interactive and fun to go through and turning your whole blog into a video can shorten reading time from 10 minutes to around 5. Also intonation, gestures and facial expressions are things mere writing cannot provide.

Timing and Channelling

The more you get the hang of videos and the bigger your audience gets, you need to keep up with your posting schedule while making sure that your content and presentation are up to par. Making scheduled posting by implementing the use of applications or software allow you to do bulk filming or creating so you don’t miss out on your schedules and your videos are strategically organized.


Well let’s put it this way. It wouldn’t make sense for you to watch a “how to dress up for summer” video in winter, now would it?

Personalization and Webinars

Though these may take more time and effort, these forms of videos actually show that each and every member does matter. Also, it would make more sense to give a new member a video guide than have them scroll through your whole site just to get the gist of things. Similarly, for other members there are also videos that you could share to them and them alone that cannot be or is not easily found on your site or page.