Incorporating Videos in your Sales Funnel

You have to filter out the people in your life. Out of all the people who admire you or have a liking for what you do, not all are in it for the long haul. The same can be said of the business you put up or the company you handle.

People may show interest in what you do, but they may not have the means or it may not be enough for them to fully invest with you. Does this mean it’s a lost cause?

Catching the interest of potential clients is just half the battle, keeping them interested is the other half. There is still something you can do, you just need to know how to.

Sales Funnelling

If you have a funnel, you must know how water travels down through from its body, to its neck and finally the container you are transferring it to. Usually going in spirals –unless you put the hole of the other bottle directly above the neck of the other- it creates certain levels.

Though we can’t really put these into a specific number, we can somehow compare gathering and filtering your leads to it. A sales funnel which contains 3 levels is a great strategy for stratifying and regulating your content.

Fundamentally a process by which you determine the level of your leads, it gives your potential clients direction and purpose. Done right, you should be able to make a majority of your marketing leads into paying customers.

How does it work?

Naturally, with the right catch, you can grab people’s eye. This, in the concept of a sales funnel is known as the Awareness and Discovery stage. It is at this time, that people know you exist and what you do. This understanding is more at a general level however, and they may need more time to fully grasp what it is that you do. Nonetheless, it is as essential as the rest. After all, first impressions do stick.

It is in this level that most potential customers stumble upon you when they want to answer certain questions. Using videos to do so is a great way to make things catchy, pique their interest and not let on too much information.


Well, it is in this stage that people build a certain path. Let’s put a person with back ache as an example. He may want to ask, why his back hurts and what is causing it. You could say that there are many reasons as to why by siting scenarios wherein one may experience pain in the back. While answering his questions, you build awareness and rapport that keeps this individual in tune for more details about what he is experiencing and what he can do. This takes us to the next level of our funnel.

Researching Solutions

Yes, you could always give people answers right away, but where’s the fun in that? No, your business is not a game, but it is human nature to ask why, where and how things came to be. This is where you grab the opportunity of this inquisition.

A great way to do so would be by making a film or documentary films by which you can offer more than just a solution by giving out multiple answers to a certain question. Why? Well, people want options. Aside from the fact that we love the freedom of choice, digital filmmaking put life and motion into what your company/business or product believe in.

If you take a look at it, a mere picture of a shoe with a short description of its features doesn’t seem as good as a video of an athlete running across the horizon followed by another scene showing the breakdown of its parts with the explanation of what each enhancement can do for you. Though, you might state the same facts in both, of course, mere writing will never compare to the video. Action will always speak louder than words.

The Educated Purchase Decision

Now that you’ve answered the questions and you’ve given out the solutions, all that’s left is to pair both. This is where the educated purchase decision comes in. Though some people may want to come to you for cost free solutions for those who really want to have their problems solved paying for such won’t be much of a big deal especially if they know that it has already been paved for them.

Why go through all the hassle of doing the work if you can’t have it done for you? Of course, nobody would go for something like that without credible proof. Corporate video production and Film production companies such as the Digital Film Bureau, one of the best production companies London has to offer, makes it possible to do all these in a few minutes.