Transforming Your Business with Videos

When it comes to videos in business we think of big corporations. What we fail to see, is that in order for us belong to that community we have to think big ourselves and take big steps. Corporate Video Production might seem a little daunting but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a shot at it.

For reasonable prices Digital Film Bureau, one of the top film production companies of London, UK covers documentary film production and corporate video production so you can up your game and gather an even greater audience than you would with flyers, articles and other forms of advertising.

Why Videos?

We live in a restless world. With people moving here and there, taking up two or even more jobs at a time, taking a breather barely fits in our day to day schedule. When we can hardly squeeze in any time for ourselves, you can’t really expect people to make the time to do the research on things they get into.

Some might think of it as pure procrastination or indolence but from the individuals who want it easy simply shrug it off as not having enough time. Who are we to blame them?

With a rise in population, heavy traffic, long lines in supermarkets it’s hard to find the time to understand ads and product platforms. Because of this, people’s attention spans have been getting shorter by the day.

This is where videos come in. Just as books make you feel a rush of emotion through imagery and action, pictures in motion bring out an even bigger burst. This makes animation and other forms of videos easier to remember and more impactful.  

In the business world, learning to create interesting videos has become one of the key components to success. Here are a few tips on how you can do just that:

Make Videos out of your Blogs

Who ever said being informative had to be a bore? Making videos out of your blogs is more fun for you and your viewers. This way, you can add life to your words, whether it’s just you talking behind a plain background or you’ve got props to work with.

Adding Vids to your Landing Page

Ever heard of the line “planting ideas into someone’s mind”? Though it may seem like a waste of space, but using videos on your landing page is actually quite an effective way of getting people hooked on what you have and it also heightens their recall of what you actually do.

In fact, putting one there can increase your conversion of viewers to users or followers by 80 percent as constant repetition of such may be ingrained in their subconscious.

Interacting with your Audience

People want to talk to people, to connect. We are after all social beings. Your audience can’t see you in person and mere words are not enough. The way a person speaks, how he holds himself and how he articulates tells much of a person that simple words cannot surpass.

With the rise of live streaming and easy communication on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we have been granted the convenience of providing and witnessing such and this has made interaction with viewers, users and subscribers more enjoyable and accessible. Now, to be able to speak to the companies we look up to and the people we admire, we don’t have to travel miles on out and for most, we don’t even need to ask anymore.

For Business, this could come as quite an advantage especially when it comes to separating the individuals who are truly interested in investing and those who may even in the future from those who have absolutely no plans whatsoever. Yes, you may need to lay out more information than you would, but wouldn’t it be so much easier to segregate your leads?

 Nobody likes to have their time wasted. You don’t really have to lay out all your cards in your videos though. For some, it may even be enough to see a trailer to spark their interest in your plans that you don’t have to bring out that much. For others an even more detailed explanation or even educational videos may be needed to do the trick. Though these may get a bit lengthy, as opposed to other options these are shorter, easier to remember and depending on what content you have to offer may even be more interesting.